Hi, there–

I’m Charlotte Morford, an Anglo-American with two degrees in British Literature (Runway to a lucrative career!) and a love for reading and sharing what I find there. My career has been serendipitous–the federal government, the stock market, telecommunications, small business and higher education–and a good example of how not planning your future to the nth degree is often a great course of action, or at least diverting, if not fun. It’s also an example of how a liberal arts degree can work in the business world … and how you can a good time with that.

I love good writing, clever marketing, intriguing art, a worthy goal, and anything that combines those well. And corgis.

About the title:

The title comes from William Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well, and I stole the idea from a dedication my father made to my mother in one of his books.