Management Style

These are the hiring practices I follow:

  • Hire someone smarter than you
  • Hire someone different than you
  • Hire for skill, but also for creativity, humor, and hustle

Then these are the supervisory practices I follow:

  • Praise in public, correct in private
  • Care about the person, not only the performance
  • Develop everyone: go out into the world and learn things
creativity inc cover image

Available from Amazon and any good bookstore …

And this is a management book that I love: Ed Catmull’s “Creativity, Inc.” It’s about building and sustaining a creative, effective workforce … and the destructive force of mediocrity.  Some favorite lines:

“… My job as a manager is to create a fertile environment, keep it healthy, and watch for things that undermine it.”

“When faced with a challenge, get smarter.”

“Always take a chance on better, even if it seems threatening.”

“To ensure quality, then, excellence must be an earned word, attributed by others to us, not proclaimed by use about ourselves.”


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